Goodbye, Telluride… Hello Bangkok!

February 2, 2010

Fun times in Telluride

my alter-ego

My last few nights in Telluride were really fun!

I’m off to S.E. Asia for the rest of the winter!


Animated “Towering Inferno” Model

January 30, 2010

plan for Burning Man 2010

Today we made a stop animation movie for Anton’s Burning Man grant application.

You can see the full video at

my new camera

January 25, 2010

Hello world! I just got this great new camera!  It has a wide angle lens and takes HD movies!  This little beauty is going to help me make my blog extra fancy for you, dear readers.  I am about to take this camera out for a test in chilly Telluride then in tropical South East Asia, so for any of you gear-hounds out there, stay tuned for product reports!   Happy day to you!

Welcome to my Blog!

January 24, 2010

Hi Everybody!  This is a photo of Telluride, the place I call home-base!

This is my first Blog post ever.  Bear with me and things could get interesting!

Here is a photo of some summer fun in Telluride.But right now it is winter and we have lots of snow.

Maybe I’ll post a winter picture later.

That’s it for right now.